2nd Amendment

A documentary by James Dann & Richard Morel

James Dann, born and raised in England, had always been fascinated with America and its love affair with guns. From Hollywood movies that glamorise their use, to school massacres that devastated a nation, firearms play an intrinsic role in American society.

Exhausted from the political talking heads that gave no human explanation to the root of the issue, James decided to leave his home city of St Albans, and head to the East Coast of America to find out first-hand what was really going on.

From the murder capital of the ghettos of Philadelphia, and the victims that suffer, to the remote Maryland hunters who's lives depend on their firearms to defend themselves from nature, 2nd Amendment shatters the headlines and exposes the human aspect of the gun debate.

2nd Amendment on Switch FM

2nd Amendment conversation on Birmingham's Switch Radio   https://soundcloud.com/jambodann/james-dann-switch-radio-107-5

2nd Amendment in Huffington Post

It is estimated that between 270 million and 310 million guns are privately owned across America. Yet despite the growing possession of arms, the gun debate is also something that continues to grow. Producers James Dann and Richard Morel explore the debate in 2nd Amendment. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/lydia-hughes/post_6713_b_4637208.html